CBM Christian Book Review - Who is Santa Claus Biblically?

Title: Who is Santa Claus Biblically?
By: Roland Ramirez
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Ronald Ramirez, a pastor, asks this question, “Who is Santa Claus Biblically?” This is a good question as we approach the Christmas season. The tree, the presents, the celebration – have you ever wondered where the idea of Santa Claus came from? The author answers that question with a brief history of Santa Claus and blends the true meaning of the season, laying out for all Christians plainly but simply. An interesting read that begs the question: Who and What are you celebrating? His book explains the “unfortunate icon” of the season of Christmas that has been created through the mythical fantasy of Santa Claus that children, families, etc. take part in all over the world. 

Stating that Santa Claus does not exist in the Bible and one has to piece things together from the Word of God to make sense as to why the legend of Santa Claus exists, readers will be in shock and awe as they continue to read what the author reveals. As most know, the idea of “Santa Claus” is derived from a man known as Saint Nicholas. A monk who lived approximately 260 -280 A.D. in a village called Patara, now part of modern-day Turkey. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

The author continues a short overview of how the idea of Santa Claus came, which most likely, most of us don’t already know. From there he continues with chapters such as: The Ornament, The Tree, Santa Claus, The Threefold Strategy and Attack Method, Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, How I Got This Message, Righteous Fruit, Spread the Word, My Heart’s Desire, Closing Prayers, and a Conclusion help readers truly understand Who and What is to be worshipped during this season.

A highly recommended read for anyone interested in finding purpose behind the so-called “Christmas” season, and for those interested in truly worshipping ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. The author gives facts and does not malign anyone, but rather shifts the focus for readers from the worship of false idols to the true and living God.

One might be truly surprised as to the seriousness of the issue according to the Word of God. 

I have to thank the author personally for writing this book. I am also having every family member read this book! 

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Christian Author Brad D. Nelson PhD

Pre-Deployment Guidebook from a Christian's Perspective
Author: Brad D. Nelson PhD

Whether you and your family are experienced deployers or first-timers, deployments are arguably one of the most challenging and unsettling experiences you’ll ever have. As exemplary of a job the military does to prepare servicemembers and their families for both the knowns and the unknowns, only God, who knows the end from the beginning, and the best and safest route for us to take, can bridge the gap between human limitation and the miraculous, from unbridled anxiety to a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Walk with me through this unrestrained guidebook as I share mine and my family’s journey from fear to faith, from skepticism to divine perspective and awe. Suggestions are provided on how to process the announcement, informing loved ones, understanding the cycle of emotions, getting one’s affairs in order, and a host of other invaluable insights. Bottom line up front: Don’t leave home without Christ!

Brad D. Nelson, Ph.D., is from Hillsboro, OH, and is a 2023 Marquis Who's Who Listee and active-duty Air Force officer assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Mr. Nelson is active in his church and community, a "Big Brother" for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, and an impassioned advocate for improving the plight of Returning Citizens. His favorite Old Testament scripture is, "The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise" (Proverbs 11:30). Mr. Nelson and his wife (Amanda) call the Dayton, Ohio, area home.

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mal-e functioning

A Highly Recommended Life Book

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Male Functioning Book

Finding Victory - Keys to the Troubled Soul

Keys to the Troubled Soul:
A Self Guide to Daily Struggles 

Dr. Oladapo understands people's troubles and has written a practical self-help guide to help one make sense of life’s maladies, thus offering wisdom, to include practical solutions based on years of experience, coupled with a Christian background. This wonderful book uplifts the readers to help them in their time of need. Ultimately, the author leads readers to the “real truth” in life stating, “His name is Jesus.” Within this book, he offers keys to spiritual life in overcoming that include perspective, prayer, and meditation.  

Stating that, “There is no growth without obstacles,” and that “adversities are common,” this self-guide is written with great compassion. Knowing the plethora of human struggles that can take place in one’s life, the author also relates that darkness and hopelessness can plague the mind and soul of an individual, especially wherein one feels isolated with no one to help or talk to. Reading this book is like consulting a caring friend and finding the help one needs in various areas of life, which are all common to mankind.

Giving readers a “how to” achieve “spiritual and mental clarity”, while also addressing practical solutions, and “steps to overcome challenges,” this book is laid out easily, double-spaced with powerful statements. Each sentence has a way of sinking in while reading with this format (instead of paragraphs) that is utilized. The author has created a book with the overall goal of managing daily stress and mental positivity while trusting Jesus and participating in daily Christian disciplines such as prayer; again, his book is extremely practical. Specific issues such as jealousy, betrayal, sorrow, resentment, despair, depression, drug, and alcohol use, stressed, or feeling “stuck”, regret, defeat, and failure produce a true self-help guide. Discovering who you are and taming emotions, along with perspective and the inner thought life of a person fosters maturity and transformation. The keys to a positive outlook on life with the aid of functioning as a Christian, seeking Jesus, helps one become “resilient” through life’s trials.

He states, “A real knockdown” can lead to “pin-down” wherein the person is unable to arise; this is where morals, values, and character come into play. One can learn to navigate their response to unannounced calamity. How one responds is key. He continues to give the keys through each chapter that bring maturity and build character. He encourages readers to “Always think positively, the next adversity may contain the path to your success.” Failure, hardship, disappointments, and discouragements are not the end of your story, but can be flipped to a future one may never have imagined. His message is clear: It is not the end when facing adversity.

The “Take Home Summary” at the end of each chapter is especially helpful, as the author encourages readers to keep close to God, keep peace in their heart and mind, as one hears from Jesus and the Word of God for relief, strategies, and solutions.

This book comes as a highly recommended read for those that find living in this world feels more like a battlefield! This author has put a great deal of work into writing a self-help guide that includes many issues that no one on this planet has escaped. Real, practical, uplifting, encouraging, and full of sound wisdom backed by the Biblical wisdom found in Scripture bring much hope to readers. Surely, this book helps one to become a champion in life and leads to a positive mindset that is achievable.

Surely, this book can be of much use to pastors, missionaries, parents, and the next generation as they mature into adults, giving many the tools and keys to unlocking their destinies in life.

Keys to the Troubled Soul: A Self Guide to Daily Struggles
By: Dr. Oladapo Richard Osuntokun
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

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A Must Read Book - Speaking the Truth in Love

 Book Buzz Presents 
Christian Author Paul Matte

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Paul Matte.

Are You Seeking The Gospel

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Finding Intimacy With Jesus

A Must Read Book!

Going Deeper: 40-Week Discipleship Guide to Encountering Jesus by Jeff Mootz teaches pivotal, individual discipleship and intimacy with Jesus through a comprehensive step-by-step guide in Going Deeper that includes an 8-Step Module. 

Personally interactive (also for small groups, churches, or prayer groups), this incredible book is an easy-to-read and practical guidebook that gives readers the “how to” come close to encountering Jesus! 

This is what we are all longing for. We are taught that prayer is communion with God. However, how many really do encounter the One and True Living God? This is a book that will help readers go deeper into praise, worship, and the Word, leading to encountering Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This book will lead to a genuine and deeper relationship with Jesus and mentor many spiritual mothers and fathers. 

Each module has been developed with practical reading assignments and prayer assignments. This is also an intimate discipleship tool for those who desire to become spiritual mentors. Within this book, he builds a structure that will take time through the 8 Prayer Modules of Spiritual Planning, Friendship with God, Meditation, Praying in the Spirit, Deliverance, Bible Study, Fasting, and the Throne Room ushering in a Biblical and passionate study guide bringing firm dedication to the Lord with a heart of full surrender. 

Challenging readers to look at certain heart issues brings a commitment that stems from a loving relationship with encountering Jesus. These steps are fostered on a daily basis. Communication and friendship flow with the Holy Spirit. Readers not only encounter the Lord but hear from Him themselves. This is truly an amazing study guide!

Jeff Mootz is a seasoned prayer minister and pastor with over 16 years of experience in leadership with a degree from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. This book comes highly recommended for those that want to “go deeper” and truly know the will of the Lord and better understand His Word, and also for those that truly desire to be led by the Holy Spirit, to include the discovery of their own giftings in the Lord.

Additionally, this study guide, Going Deeper: 40-Week Discipleship Guide to Encountering Jesus is a well-balanced book that brings enrichment and knowledge to the soul through the daily Bible study, tears down strongholds and blockages of the enemy, and so much more…leading to blessings. 

“To Know Him is to love Him, to serve Him is to obey Him and only those that follow Him will be those that become spiritual mothers and fathers disciplining others and their children in the Lord.  A CBM Christian Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0+ stars

Order your copy of Going Deeper: 40-Week Discipleship Guide to Encountering Jesus at Amazon. For more information about the author and his ministry visit Prayer DiscipleshipYou may also order your copy of Jeff's Mootz book directly from the author at Going Deeper and at The Prayer Discipleship Shop where you can also find more information about The Going Deeper Course.

The Importance of Sharing God's Love


"Giving God Love To Others" is a great book for every Christian and every Christian leader. It is a book that talks about how important it is to show the love of God. So often as Christians, our behavior does not reflect the love behavior that God wants us to show. 

We sometimes are unaware that we are out of line with the way we are reacting or behaving toward others. This book addresses the importance of taking the time to assure that we show this love behavior and it outlines scripture in a way that we can stay on track.

You may get your copy of
Giving God's Love To Others at Amazon.

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Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

A Story Of Great Imagination - A Must Read Book


Saving Christ - Starway Seven

Saving Christ is a love story between Jesus and a modern-day woman sent back in time. Time travel sends the woman to the last seven days of Jesus’ life from a modern viewpoint.

For more information about Author Francis T. Perry Williams
 JC Time Travel.

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Saving Christ: Starway Seven at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

Are Your Children Being Distracted and Drawn Away From Church

 In today's world where children are distracted and drawn away from the Church and Christian principles, especially the intensely secular world of public education, the IT universe (think of cell phones used by children ten to twelve hours a day), and the emphasis on pleasing one's self, she takes us to the Bible for the lessons that transcend time and history, related to truth, honesty, self-sacrifice, obedience (especially to parents!), and, ultimately, to God and Jesus for answers on how to live.

Pastor Louise draws upon Scripture and her own experiences as a mother and grandmother to teach how to raise our children in a Godly fashion. 

For more great videos and ministry visit Louise Clayton at Lawrence Clayton on YouTube. You can also visit Louise at Bible Studies With Louise Clayton